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With Luxurious Living @Praveg White Rann Resort

Beautifully nestled in close proximity to the World’s Largest Salt Desert, Praveg White Rann Resort is a luxe and traditional living during the 4-month long Rann Utsav Festival.

The Resort boasts of a spectacular assemblage of lavish tents amidst nature's abundance, and gives impressive glimpses of colourful Kutchi culture, lips-smacking Gujarati cuisines, engaging cultural programmes and interesting indoor activities.


  • Tented Accommodation

  • Sightseeing – White Rann & Kalo Dungar

  • Rann Safari – Open-top Double Decker Bus

  • Outdoor Adventure Zone

  • Indoor Activities

  • Shopping Delight at Craft Bazaar

  • Delicious Gujarati/Kutchi Cuisines

  • Cultural Performances

  • Welcome Gift on arrival with carry-away souvenirs


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Resort Location White Rann Resort, Dhordo, Kutch – 370 510 Gujarat, India.

info@whiterannresort.com | booking@whiterannresort.com

+91 74 40 40 40 40 | +91 63 52 98 62 77


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With all the uniquely-designed concepts, Rann Utsav 2023-24 is a wholesome package of leisure, fun, adventure, luxury and an unforgettable family time. For more information on Rann Utsav, Rann Utsav Packages, Activities at Rann Utsav, Rann Utsav Booking, Rann Utsav Special Dates, How to Reach Rann Utsav, Things to Do at Rann Utsav or Special Excursions during Rann Utsav, please call: 74 40 40 40 40.

Rann Utsav

The 4-month long festive event - Rann Utsav brims with dynamism, hospitality, vigor and traditional flavor of the splendorous Kutch amidst the breathtaking and divergent landscape. The annual event offers the opportunity to visit the expanse of white desert that lies along the India-Pakistan border.

The most sought-after time to explore White Rann is the full moon night hours after witnessing the enchanting sunset. Transcending through the plain terrain of the white desert at the sunset hours and watching a full moonlit folk concert offer an unrivalled travel experience. And the camel-cart rides to the white desert append the exciting pursuit to discover the nature’s most exclusive creation.

Rann Utsav is not only the festive extravaganza but also the celebration of life that crams colors into the salt-encrusted desert plains. The soul-stirring splendour of nature, calm & serene surrounding, rich Kutchi culture, intricate handicrafts and outdoor activities make this desert carnival a perfect holiday destination. With traditional dance forms and musical moments, many thrilling activities like cultural act shows, camel safari, parasailing and dirt biking enhance different colors of the festivity.

Rann Utsav is synonymous with distinctive celebration of life and the memories, colors and rawness, acculturation and isolation.


One of the largest districts in India, Kutch has something for every traveler. The festive land of Gujarat is a unique mixture of culture, traditions, people, history, wildlife and nature. The archaeological site at Dholavira offers an insight into the 5000-year old Indus Valley Civilisation, the palaces of Bhuj house incredible art treasures, and scores of fortified villages are worth visiting for their heritage. The northern and eastern areas of Kutch comprise a vast white salt encrusted desert wilderness called the Great Rann of Kutch, while the southwest is fringed by lovely beaches like Mandvi with soft sands and calm waters. Birds abound at the salt marshes, lakes and grasslands, while endangered mammals like the wild ass, caracal, wolf and chinkara gazelle can be seen in the Rann and the Banni grassland.

Most of all, Kutch is famous for its rich living heritage of handicrafts – embroideries, bandhani tie-dye, block printings, metal crafts, woodwork, pottery and some rare arts thrive in the district.

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