Announcing Rann Utsav 2021-22 : White Rann - eccentric desert carnival of Kutch starting date from 1st November, 2021 to 28th February, 2022.

Rann Utsav, the eccentric desert carnival of Kutch, is all set to amaze the tourists with its vibrant colors of culture & traditions and breathtaking terrain of White Rann from 1st November, 2021 to 28th February, 2022.

The region turns into an oasis of domestic and foreign tourists during Rann Utsav who flock to witness the geographical wonder of the world – White Rann. Otherwise covered with water, the vast expanse of salt marsh is the result of water evaporation during the winters leaving behind the layers of salt. Beyond nature’s unique creation, Rann Utsav becomes a huge celebration of the region’s cultural uniqueness.

This year, plan your Rann Utsav trip with White Rann Resort, the official operator of Gujarat Tourism, to evidence the exclusivity of this desert extravaganza. The Resort provides a wholesome experience of Rann Utsav to the guests by offering luxurious tented or traditional accommodation, delicious food by a 5-star hotel, sightseeing tours, cultural performances and engaging activities towards making your stay enjoyable and memorable.