Bhujodi – The Village of Art

Bhujodi is known for its award winning weavers. Called Vankars, the weaver families produce colourful shawls, traditional blankets like the Dhabda, dhablas and floor coverings like woolen durries. The shawls and other products are distinguished by their intricate woven patterns, tight weaving and embellishments with tie-dye or embroidery. Many of the weavers of this village have won prestigious national awards for their work. The weavers work on a throw shuttle or a fly shuttle pit loom, or occasionally frame looms. The colourful shawls and durries of Bhujodi are usually woven with motifs, which have been passed down through generations of artisan communities. While wool was sourced from the pastoral communities like the Rabaris, the weavers today also use cottons, Merino wools, acrylics and silks. The shawls may be embellished further with tie-dye, mirror work embroidery and other handwork.–

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