The Wild Ass Sanctuary covers much of the Little Rann of Kutch and its environs. The vast salt-encrusted desert plains are interspersed with islands with vegetation that support much wildlife like the Asiatic Wild Ass. This sanctuary was created to protect the Asiatic Wild Ass, which once ranged throughout the steppes and desert steppes of the Russian Federation, Mongolia, Northern China, Northwest India, Central Asia and the Middle East, including Iran, the Arabian Peninsula and Asia Minor. Today, it is only found in a few places in China, Mongolia, India, Iran and Kazakhstan. The third largest wild ass population is found in the Little Rann of Kutch, the remaining habitat of the Indian Wild Ass. The Indian Wild Ass is a well-muscled mammal capable of achieving high speeds when galloping across the flat open desert plains. The Chinkara or Indian Gazelle, Blackbuck or Indian Antelope and Nilgai or Blue Bull are also seen at the islands. The main carnivores are Indian Wolf, Indian and Desert Foxes, Jackals, Striped Hyena, Desert Cat and Jungle Cat. Leopards are found in some areas in the outskirts. Many small animals like hare and gerbil can be seen in this terrain.

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