Kutch- The Land of Timeless Treasures

Kutch is a district of Gujarat state in western India. It spans a little over 45,000 sq km and is geographically one of India’s largest and most distinctive districts.

Kutch is known for its remarkable mud architecture, a wide array of craft traditions and exquisite apparel designs. Whereas each community in the region has distinct traditions, dance, craft and dress, the common feature is vibrancy and elegance in all Kutchi creations.

Kutch is gifted with many historical monuments including ancient temples, attractive palaces and rugged forts. The region also features ecologically rich wild life including flamingos and wild asses. The archaeological site at Dholavira offers an insight into the 5000-year old Indus Valley Civilisation.

A shallow wetland with marshy salt flats in Rann of Kutch appearing as an infinite mass of snow spread is among the nature’s most amazing creations. Tourists from all over the world flock to see this unique and spectacular natural creation.

The beauty of the eminently colorful and culturally rich land of Kutch makes it the irresistible tourist destination.