The Most Popular Kutchi Embroidery (iii)


Pottery is the oldest craft known to man. The potters source mud from the surroundings and create various types of earthernware. A thin wash of geru (an earthy read colour) is applied and then the pottery is decorated with geometric or figurative patterns. Gundayali, Khadva, Bhuj and Lodiya are the places renowned for their pottery art.

Mud Work

Clay craft is ingrained deeply into Kutch’s ancient tradition. Kutch is known for its Terracotta, mud mirror work, which has both scared as well as aesthetic appeal. The wet clay, molded into different shapes and sizes, is an artistic expression of the vision and correlation of the society. Clay craft is also known as Contemprary Mud work in which, attractive wall pieces with small mirrors are made in Kutch. Traditional clay utensils like pots, Tawadi, Plates, Bowls, etc. with hand paintings are made in Kutch.

Leather Work

Leather craft is infinitesimal in shape, composition, pattern and décor. The traditional pieces are more original, individualistic and colorful and largely embroidered. Fascinating articles are made out of leather like, cushion covers, bags, fans, to name a few.

Wood Carving

Wood carving is a famous and traditional craft of Kutch. Temples and old houses provide the best example of the richness of this craft with projecting balconies and floors of the mansions deeply carved. Inlay work using coloured wood, horns and even commercially viable options like plastic are used in artifacts, wooden plaques.

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