The World Famous Kutchi Embroidery (i)

Kutch fosters seventeen explicit styles of embroidery, mastered among nine communities. Ahir, Soof, Kharek, Pakko, Jat, Dheberia Rabari, Marwada embroidery and Mutwa are some of the names of embroidery of the region.

Ahir: The artistic Ahir embroidery incorporates flowers, parrots, peacocks, milkmaids and mirror work. Outlined with the chain stitch, the designs are then filled with herringbone stitch.

Kharek: Originated in Sindh, Kharek is a geometric motifs that resemble a bird’s eye view of date (Kharek) palms. The intricate design is configured with the black running stitch and then colour it in density with the satin stitch.

Soof is an exclusive embroidery style, in which the women count the thread of the fabric and then stitch from the reverse side. Soof produces the geometrical masterpiece constituted entirely of chevrons. The finishing of Soof embroidery is so perfect that it appears like machine-made.

Paako means permanent. The name is a tribute to the sturdiness of the stitch. Women first outline the fabric with the square chain stitch and embellish it with buttonhole and mirrors. The central theme is floral. And the result is an embossed texture.

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