Vibrancy of Colours and Enthusiasm

Kutch portrays cultural and traditional vibrancy through its conventional arts and crafts. The spirit of Kutch, its vibrant culture and evocative traditions all make the region, an alluring destination for foreign and domestic tourists, alike.

Folk Music

Kutchi folk music has existed since ancient period. Musical instruments like Sharnai, Tabla, Murli, Manjira, Nagara, Ghaghar, Duff, Damaru, Dholak, Nagfani, Bhorrindo, Jhanjhra and Daklu are linked with a number of aspects of Kutchi people and their religion. Bhorrindo, Jodia Pawa are very antique folk music instruments of Kutch.

Folk Dance

Folk dance is an inseparable feature of the region. Most celebrations in the region are accompanied by the folk dance forms like Dholi Nritya, Manjira Nritya, Garba and Garbi, Tippani Nritya, Ghoriya Raas, Dandiya Raas, Titdo, Hinch, Luvar, Ashwa Nritya, and Jag Nritya, Adivasi dance, Mashira Nritya of Siddis, Swords Raas of Gadhvis, and many more.

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